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 +---- datatemplateentry equipment ----
 +template ​     : templates:​equipment
 +picture ​      : :​equipment:​woodshop:​cm60543.jpg
 +zone          : Woodshop
 +name          : 1 In. X 30 In. Belt Sander
 +manufacturer ​ : Central Machinery
 +model         : 60543
 +manual ​       : :​equipment:​woodshop:​60543.pdf
 +memberlevel ​  : Full
 +owner         : LMN
 +type          : Belt Sander
 +status_ ​      : Operational
 +A belt sander is a sander used in shaping and finishing wood and other materials.
 +===Safety Rules===
 +In Addition to the [[zones:​shop safety rules]] the following safety rules should be followed:
 +  * Always sand on the downward motion side of the disc/belt. Never the upward motion side as this can throw your part upwards with tremendous force. ​
 +  * Always attempt to place your work against the rest on the disc and belt sanders and hold the work securely. ​
 +  * When using the horizontal belt sander, always sand so that the belt motion is away from you. 
 +  * Do not operate machines with torn or ripped belts or disks. ​
 +  * Always sand on the down travel side of the disc / belt. 
 +  * The rest should be adjusted so that it is no more than 1/8” from the disc. 
 +  * Make adjustments only when the sander is at a complete stop. 
 +  * Keep fingers away from the abrasive surface on the sander. ​
 +  * Avoid pressure against the disc. Feed stock into the abrasive material at a moderate rate of feed and pressure. ​
 +  * Stock that is 1” or smaller in length should not be sanded. ​
 +  * Use the disc sander for sanding outside curves or angles only. 
 +  * The disc sander is NOT to be used for joinery, squaring stock, etc. 
 +  * Any disc that is dull or loose should be repaired or replaced immediately.
 +===Contacts for training==
 +  * [[user:​wreality:​start|Brian Adams]]
 +===Safety Training===
 +===Maintenance Log===