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 +---- datatemplateentry equipment ----
 +template ​     : templates:​equipment
 +picture ​      : :​equipment:​8in_drill_press.jpg
 +zone          : Woodshop
 +name          : 8 inch Central Machinery Drill Press
 +manufacturer ​ : Central Machinery
 +model         : 44506
 +manual ​       : equipment:​44506.pdf
 +memberlevel ​  : Full
 +owner         : Tim Schmidt
 +type          : Drill Press
 +status_ ​      : Operational
 +A drill press is a fixed style of drill that may be mounted on a stand or bolted to the floor or workbench. A drill press consists of a base, column , table, spindle, and drill head. The head has a set of handles radiating from a central hub that, when turned, move the spindle and chuck vertically, parallel to the axis of the column. The table can be adjusted vertically.
 +===Safety Rules===
 +In addition to the [[zones:​shop safety rules]] the following rules should be followed.
 +  * A two foot perimeter around the drill press should be kept clear of people, debris and sawdust that impair traction or footing to avoid slips and falls. ​
 +  * Safety glasses with side shields or a face shield must be worn. Hearing protection should be worn. 
 +  * Remove loose fitting clothing, jewelry, and tie back long hair. 
 +  * Give the work your undivided attention. ​
 +  * Do not wear gloves or anything that would allow a hand, fingers or clothing to be wrapped around the revolving bit. 
 +===Contacts for training==
 +  * Tim Schmidt
 +  * Brian Adams
 +  * Carl Raymond
 +===Safety Training===
 +  * Review of machine and shop safety rules.
 +  * Proper procedures for preparing / setup operations.
 +  * Proper operation and control of machine.
 +  * Proper procedures for cleanup.
 +===Maintenance Log===