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-====== Welcome ====== 
-Here are some easy things to do. 
-The basic flow is: 
-  * Find something fun you want to do. 
-  * Do it. 
-  * And [[mailto:​board@lansingmakersnetwork.org|send us an email]] mentioning what you've done. 
-If the task is really quick and easy, 'just do it'. However, if you think it will take some time or require help, then please edit this page to claim the task.  You can do so by entering the following into the '​Claimed by' field. 
-<​code>​[[user:​your_username:​start|Your Username]]</​code>​ 
-===== The easiest ways to help ===== 
-^Task            ^ Description/​Link ​        ^ 
-|Spread the word | Like us on [[http://​www.facebook.com/​LansingMakersNetwork|Facebook]],​ [[https://​plus.google.com/​b/​109173235879789347146/​|google+]],​ diaspora, linkedin, [[https://​twitter.com/#​!/​LansingMakers|Twitter]],​ etc. |  
-|[[howto:​Donate]] ​         | The LMN board of directors is conducting an exhaustive search for the location that suits our members'​ needs best. During this critical phase, we depend a great deal on your contributions. ​ [[howto:​Donate|Find out how to donate.]] ​  ​|  ​ 
-===== A little more challenging ===== 
-^ Task                        ^ Description / Link ^ 
-| [[howto:​Create a wiki account]] ​ | The wiki is where Lansing Makers Network organizes our collective knowledge. By signing up for an account, you'll be granted permission to edit it's pages, adding your unique contributions. | 
-| Join the Mailing List       | The mailing list is where LMN members talk about upcoming events, ask questions, and discuss the things they'd like to do with the makerspace. ​ By joining it, you'll be connected with the community of makers surrounding LMN.  (If email gives you the heebie jeebies, you can access the mailing list via google groups'​ forum interface) [[https://​groups.google.com/​group/​lansing-makers-network/​|Google Group]] ​ |  
-| Attend a meeting | Our google calendar is public, and can be seen [[https://​www.google.com/​calendar/​embed?​src=lansingmakersnetwork.org_oehojtt6q3pp7pol2fojj08voo%40group.calendar.google.com&​ctz=America/​New_York|here]]. ​ It shows the date and time of all of our meetings. ​ Meeting notices are also usually sent out to the google group. ​ Meetings are open to the public unless otherwise noted. ​ While we are still in our forming stages, the meetings mostly contain status updates as well as discussion about how to proceed with our goals. ​ We would love to have you there to share your input! | 
-| Wish for equipment ​  | Our [[equipment]] page lists all the equipment that members have pledged to donate or would like to see in our fabrication space. ​ Help us fill out our wish lists by adding any gear you would like to have access to. | 
-| Add a [[blue_sky_projects|Blue Sky Project]] ​  | Got a cool idea you would like to see come to life?  Add it to our [[blue_sky_projects|list]] so we can work on it! | 
-| Add [[interesting_events|interesting events]] ​  | Know about a fun event coming up that other makers would enjoy? ​ Add it to our [[interesting_events|list]]. | 
-===== Some elbow grease required ===== 
-^ Task                         ^ Descrition / Link  ^ Claimed by ^ 
-| Liaison | Find a group on the [[Lansing Maker Groups]] list and volunteer to be a liaison. Go to their meetings, let them know what we're up to, let us know what they'​re doing. | | 
-| [[Classes|Plan a class]] ​    | Are you a skilled knitter, electronics wizard, expert bookbinder, or just have some knowledge you can share ?  Add your [[Classes|class idea]] to the wiki and send us an [[mailto:​volunteer@lansingmakersnetwork.org|email]] letting us know you'd like to teach it.   | n/a |  
-===== Staying in the loop ===== 
-Want to be notified when the wiki changes? ​ Read [[howto:​subscribe_to_changes|How to subscribe to changes]].