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-===Board Proposal 026 - Amend charge of Space Committee (adhoc)=== 
-==== Summary ==== 
-Board Proposal 026\\ 
-Sponsor: Brian Adams\\ 
-Status: On Agenda [[meetings:​20141118_agenda|11/​18/​2014]]\\ 
-=== Proposal === 
-Re-charge the ad-hoc "Space Committee"​ to coordinate and manage Lansing Makers Networks move into the Leaseway building.\\ 
-The committee shall consist of no fewer than three members.  ​ 
-=== Charge === 
-The Space Committee charge and responsibilities:​ 
-  * Recruit committee members/​solicit input from the full LMN membership and Zone Wardens 
-  * Plan and present to full board for approval a budget recommendation for moving expenses / needs. 
-  * Create "​punch-list"​ of action items to prepare for moving. 
-  * Organize and recruit volunteers to perform the move (scheduling,​ numbers, etc). 
-  * Develop plan for layout and organization of new space. 
-  * Provide any policy adjustments / addition recommendations to full board for approval.