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-====Board Proposal 013==== 
-===Summary Details=== 
-  * Sponsor: [[user:​quetwo:​start|N. Kwiatkowski]] 
-  * Co-Sponsor: ​ 
-  * Status: [[meetings:​20130702_agenda|On agenda for 07/​02/​2013]] 
-  * Effective date:  
-Appoint Rosangela Canino-Koning to the vacancy created by the adoption of [[board_proposal_004]]. 
-  * [[:​bylaws|Bylaws]] 
-Pursuit to the bylaws Article VII.3.5.1: 
-In the event that a vacancy should arise within ​ 
-the Board of Directors during a term, the remaining 
-Directors may unanimously appoint a consenting member 
-to take over the duties of that director. 
-Adoption of this proposal will appoint Rosangela Canino-Koning to the vacancy created by adoption of [[board_proposal_004]] under the following conditions: 
-  - Acceptance of the position by Ms. Koning 
-  - Completion of Conflict of Interest Form