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-====Board Proposal 002==== 
-===Summary Details=== 
-  * Sponsor: [[Brian Adams]] 
-  * Co-Sponsor: ​ 
-  * Status: [[meetings:​20120607_agenda|Adopted]] 
-  ​ 
-A proposal to authorize the treasurer or their designee to open an Amazon Payments account to accept donations via the website. 
-The board authorizes the treasurer (or their designee) to open an Amazon Payments account on behalf of LMN.  After contacting Amazon for clarification of their nonprofit account requirements and explaining our situation (will apply for 501c3, but have not yet), they confirmed that indeed we can (email reply copied below). 
-From: "​Amazon.com"​ <​payments-verification@amazon.com>​ 
-To: "​wreality@gmail.com"​ <​wreality@gmail.com>​ 
-Subject: Your Amazon Payments Inquiry 
-Greetings from Amazon Payments, 
-We confirm you can have a account with Amazon Payments to raise donations for a Kickstarter Project. ​ We request you to create a Premium or a Business account with  the option Non profit to go start using Amazon Payments. 
-Account Specialist 
-Amazon Payments